30 November, 2010

in the tower 3

Arms laden with books, stationery, clothes and bedding, Mistress Rilleese led the two into an empty two room bed with a curtain separating the room in half.

"Unfortunately, we have no other rooms with spare beds available, but the two of you being brother and sister, we have decided to allow you to share a room. Normally this is not allowed, so this is a special circumstance. Be sure to be ready for breakfast by 0745 in the morning. Someone will come to escort you to the dining room and after that we will see which teachers are able to take you under their wings. Good night, children."

"But we're not - " Jacky began, but Rilleese had gone, "- brother and sister."

Luke shrugged.

"At least they haven't separated us."

"Come on, let's get out of here. Nat will be getting worried about us."

"Do you remember the way back, because I don't. I lost track of which direction we were going after the second turn."

"Oh, come on. I thought boys kept maps in their heads."

"Are you sure you know the way back?"


"Well then."

"We can at least explore. The sooner we know our way around, the sooner we get home."

"Fine," Luke dumped his stuff in a corner of the room. "Let's just not get caught."

The lights went out.

"I presume," said Jacky, "that was lights out?"

"Guess so," Luke said. "Let's go."

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