23 November, 2010


I take it that you will appreciate my title. Not. Nevermind.

Not much to say. I try to be regular, but the computer is not always readily available every day. I be apologetically sorry regarding that. I try, but somedays summer grabs you by surprise and you come home in sweatsoaked clothes that after wringing out provide sufficient sweat to fill a rice bowl. That didn't have anything to do with it, but I had to say it. The imaagery was too good to pass up.

So when you think there's a lot on your plate. Think again. Because the Problem Miniaturiser is now freely available to all inhabitants of the world. Please consult your nearest Heaven-Earth direct outlet. Oh and beware the fire columns. Those are private offices. There are probably people busy in there. If you are unable to find any available workers, please make your way to the throneroom where the CEO will see you and provide you with a Problem Miniaturiser himself. He's never too busy.

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