28 November, 2010

in the tower

They hauled themselves into the open window, scratching their fingers on the cold stone. Once in, they brushed off the crisp snow from their clothes and looked down the length of tower they had climbed. Jacky caught a hold of the wide window sill as the height took away her breath for a moment. The spikes in the icy snow covered stones made a zigzag shape down the side of the tower. They looked so fragile and easy to break. Luke made a face and pulled her away so that they could explore.

The sky was overcast and so the light within the room should have been quite dim. Instead, overhead were bright strings of light. The other windows in the room, also gave off reflections. Did only this window have no glass? Looking back at the window they had entered, no fresh air entered in and there too, was a reflection. Jacky and Luke touched the window, but there was no glass. They tried the other windows and punched glass. Odd. Was it magic or some sort of forcefield?

This room was sparsely furnished. Old and disused. Old clothes racks on wheels, old standing curtains, dusty desks and crooked chairs.

Voices came from outside the door, where silhouettes of people walked by. One of the figures glanced at the grimy door-window and paused.

"What the-?" The door - much like a classroom door slid open. "What are you children doing here? You know this room is out of bounds. Everyone knows this room is dangerous. I'll have to report you to your teachers. Tell me, name and class." The teacher snapped open a notepad and held pencil poised. Waiting.

Jacky and Luke exchanged glances. They were in a school? They had to be kidding.

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