01 December, 2010

in the tower 4

Just as they were entering the umpteenth door identical to the one that the teachers had ushered them through, they heard a noise. It was only small. A whirr-whump. Then footsteps.

They ducked down out of sight of the windows and peered through the crack in the door hinge.

A dark figure bent over so that the soft orange glow from his belt would not give him away. He crept along the corridor toward them. A board creaked.

"Who dares creep around at this time of the night?" a voice boomed as the lights flickered on in the corridor. A bulky figure in a dressing gown stood with his hands on his hips in a doorway further down and the two children could see his hairy legs via one of the mirrors in the hallway. The mysterious figure crouched low. "Who-"

The question was cut short by a gurgle and the sound of spurting liquid hitting wood. Jacky gasped without realising it and Luke clapped his hand over her mouth. Too late, they saw the figure suddenly look in their direction. He crept toward the door and it rattled a little on its sliding groove when another voice snapped out.

"Paulos, what are you - " a scream followed.

Right before their door, Jacky and Luke saw the soft orange glow envelope the masked man and with an electronic whine, vanish. The two stared at each other, eyes wide, still too afraid to move.

Doors slammed and feet came running. Soon there was a crowd and the noise of screaming, crying, fainting and hysterics filled the formerly quiet night air. In the cacophanous confusion, Jacky and Luke hightailed it back to their room where they flopped on the floor, gasping as if they were fish out of the water.

"He didn't see us," Jacky breathed over and over. "He didn't see us."
"We hope."

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