06 July, 2010

i know

I know that sometimes, you have more support for something else that you do and yet... you still choose the 'road less travelled'. The frying of onions whole is a bit more difficult. Especially when you have to figure out a way to fry the whole onion so that the inside is crispy, but the outside ain't burnt. Honestly. You'd need to start with a low heat over a long period of time maybe.

Anyway, here I am. This space allows more freedom of thought. The onions are worlds within worlds within worlds. Each has to have a proper infrastructure or risk rot and becoming mush. There's just so much more air here. I can say what I want. It doesn't have to be related to anything and it doesn't matter what anyone thinks. Just wordspill.

Flagrant blagrant
Either eider
Magnificent maleficent
Tragic Cedric
Yellow bellow
Pollen whollen
Tickle sickle
Pop hop
Moat groat
Shoot loot
Boot it out the window

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