28 July, 2010

as a rainbow

Flying around the world so high, the fly observed disturbance. After hiding beneath a leaf as raindrops pattered down, the sun came out and shone nonsense when water still battered from the sky. Then in a moment of brilliance blinding, two bows appeared minding, carving out a pathway in the blue.

In all, with all, zipping in and out, the fly set off to find how such colours came about. Chasing further in the sky, it never seemed to reach, for just as it thought it was drawing nigh, the rainbow just moved further out of reach. On and on, the fly kept doggedly, wanting coloured prize, but then in utter fatigue the fly fell and fluttered, feeling small in size. Feebly trying to steady flight, the fly stretched out its wings, but too tired was its meeting and too fast was it wheeling.

Down below, while painting hall, the man turned 'round a moment. A little splosh he did not hear while tin of paint sat in rear. Swashing up a brushful, there the poor fly stood. Evermore to grace the halls and in death, to enhance the walls.

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