16 July, 2010


Take the pulp of an orange, the peel of a firjoa, the essence of a cumquat and the hair of a pineapple. Mix.

Grate the juice of an apricot, the shedding of a turnip, the seed of a candle, the mush of a pomegranate. Mash with the former.

Place in a pot with the cream of the cream and heat until simmering point.

Amidst the leftovers of the same, the fibres may prevail. If this is so, point and stick in a blender. This will make them harder to see. Or if you'd rather, instead, take a pinch and there you will have it, an extract.

The essence of a story, the extract of a book.
A page of a cob corny, the sage of the tale.
Cut them up in jigsaw pieces and re-align again.
In this way, things will stay fresh and you'll never be bored again.

Yesterday morning, I sat down and stayed there all day, typing. Twenty pages later, on review, it was insufficiently stuffed. Halfway there.

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