07 July, 2010


Hands are hard things to draw, but I reckon feet are harder. Then again, it depends on which one you spend more time drawing. I can see my hand to copy it, but it's harder to put my foot on the table and copy it (from different angles, etc).

Well has it been said that the polka dotted tinted window will melt in the sunshine. Over time, it has been known to flow against gravity and even open, especially in summer. Unfortunately, its viscosity is such that it cannot get very far before night falls and it has to return to its proper falling.

Yesterday, the tie of bottles emptied. Meaning, the lolly train has not been and must be re-altered to take a larger load. Unfortunately, the table may complain about the strain and go on strike. We'll see what we can do.

Pens, pens, everywhere, pens! It's been raining pens on this fine day with splotches of clouds. Black pens, blue pens, red pens, green, purple, orange, yellow! Pens of all colours, shapes and sizes. Could it be that someone somewhere has lost a dozen truckloads of pens? The problem with the unexpected rain is that walking on a pile of pens is inadvisable in slippered feet, as the broken ends may draw blood and you may end up with very well graffitied distal limbs. Now that I have a huge spare cache, would you like some?

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