08 January, 2010

word pictures... of a sort...

I wonder if anyone else finds certain words look like certain pictures... Take for example the word 'blog'...

Blog is like a frog in a bog on a lily pad or a smooth roundish object with a sticky-outy thing on its head (that's the 'g') either in or floating on the surface of a hole ('o') with a big leaf ('B') on a stem ('l'). Doesn't it look like a frog on a lilypad or some sort of big leafy thing on a stalk in a pond type thing?

How about the word 'post'?
P - The logo of Australia Post and the shape of many letter boxes (the ones outside peoples' houses), also 'p' for 'to place' something
O - A hole or wide open empty mouth
S - the 'ss' sound of the 's' relating to the word 'send' or 'snake', implying to me that there is potential movement.
T - a plate on a stick, or rafters, or two pieces of wood stuck together firmly... to me 'T' implies a sort of stability and propping or holding up of something. It also reminds me of letter boxes.

Post - altogether makes a picture of a postbox (big red one that people post letters in) standing next to a letterbox, competing for people to place something that has travelled from elsewhere into their 'mouths'. Once they have received their letter/message, that letter/message is considered home... as it they aren't going to go anywhere else (unless, of course, the letter came to the wrong address, as so often happens).

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