15 January, 2010


In the murky under-lair
Where the rubbish heaps all share
The shadows of the buildings tall,
Towering high above them all,
Overlords chink with bling
While those they dislike fling
Into the slimy pits of goo
Like an old unwanted shoe.

Non-descript children of non-descript workers
Study light and work as shirkers
Knowing that their chance is small
To reach the upper level call;
Yet hoping that mid class will come
To choose one child to leave the rum
And achieve a life where sunlight breathes
And wind can rustle 'midst the trees.

In the dark and spludgey streets
Where one turns not and greets
And giant water urns roll churning
Supplying little lights still burning,
A boarder hovers silently
Others walk by stridently.

If one looks up
They see a cup
Of the sky above them
But in the night
See zooming light
Amidst the winding duction.

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