07 January, 2010

trickle by

When the sun shineth hot
And the concrete's a-baking,
If you stop and listen
You'll hear the pant of animals making.
From shade to shade you
Trickle by
Hoping for a breeze
Whilst down your face,
Your neck,
Your back,
Sweaty droplets race.

Oh, Melbourne summer,
How cool you are
When your temperature grabs the 40s.
It's the time all
Air cons fail
And the floor's
As warm as a shawl.

Oh, Melbourne summer,
Those restless nights
Of 30 and above
Where bed sheets crumpled
Soak on the floor
Amidst the dripping heights.

Then the sky it darkens,
Like night time in midday.
A thunderous boom,
A split-sec lit sky
And torrents flood house by.

Trickle by
The thunderstorms
That cool the hottest day.
'Til you shiver from the ice
The hail and its vice.
Gardens drenched in ankle deep
Storm drains overflow.

Why, oh why
Did I sigh
For the storms
To cool change bring?

Oh, Melbourne summer,
You can be a bummer,
When the meteorologists can't predict
Whether your day's weather will be mild
Or a day full of extremes.

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