14 January, 2010


This isn't about oranges. It's about lemons. Then again, it's not about lemons either, but how the earwig hid in the plum and the ants ate the nectarine. Perhaps it's not about that either. Anyway, I'll ask the canary what he meant and let you know... Well, it had nothing to do with him. That helped.

Admittedly, I have tried and failed to post regularly. Self-discipline! It's hard. Everyday? Every two days? Every week? Every month? Failed, failed, failed and so far so good. Let's try to keep it improving shall we? But then, this isn't about the blog.
It's... wait, let me ask the cat for clarification... he says it's about the hairs. Keeping yourself clean by licking and scratching when you're itchy. It's sure not what I meant.

The steak went marching today. Albeit, it was the hand-made noodle's fault, because they were being too smothering, but it marched right out the door in a huff. Apparently, the knife couldn't cut it. So guess what? I didn't run after it. I knew it would come back once the cat remembered that he only ate chicken or fish, or fish or chicken, or just fish, or just chicken... if only he would make up his mind.

The chickens enjoyed my last pancake. Why? After three days of being the last pancake left on the plate, it decided to attract more attention by sliming around. Don't ask me. That's how pancakes dance. Honestly. But it did teach me something during it's larval batter-y stage. Puffy pancakes, pikelets, flat pancakes, crepes and crumpets are all very similar. I don't know about waffles, I've never made them before and anyway, I can't eat waffles. My runaway rabbit was named Waffles.

This is my most recent, made-up pancake recipe with rough ingredients:
About 7 heaped tablespoons of self-raising flour
4 large eggs
Maybe 4 level tablespoons of white sugar or something similar
Milk to taste
1 and a half tablespoons of vegetable oil

After mixing all the ingredients until they were smooth, I discovered the batter too thick. I had discovered how to make super-puffy pancakes that were very similar to crumpets. I added more milk and discovered that you can still use self-raising flour in a pancake mixture to make flat pancakes, albeit very holey ones - like flat crumpets. If I swirled the mixture in the pan quickley and let the air bubbles in my batter dissipate, I had myself very flat, crispy-ish crepes. If I made myself a flat pancake using this same mixture, but added more batter on top as it cooked, I had myself a half-sized crumpet. Pikelets are too easy. Use little dollops of batter and don't swirl them round the pan.

See? These different foods are all actually the same thing, just in different sizes, shapes and thicknesses.

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