30 September, 2011

Move along

"Move along, move along," barked the coarse voice from the shadows.
"Move along, move along," snapped another uniform just as gruffly.
"Down the road, down the road," sang a younger constable skipping, until his older counter-part bopped him a knop and eyed him with obvious meaning.
"Where are we going?" asked a bewildered woman with bedraggled hair and hat askew.
"Why are we going?" queried a street seller, nudging neighbour on cue.
"And who's orders, anyway?" the suited man demanded.
"Never mind, just move along," called the first policeman with a yawn.
"No," said one and, "NO!" said all the people they were herding.
"Look here," said the young constable in song, "you may have heard, you might have known that movie makers are entering town. You might be thinking, you might have sewn the sock's heel to the learning, but by happen-chance the cages opened and there are tigers here a-roaming. Frightened beasts and sorry bleats are echoing over yonder. So hurry along before they come, move along before my song is done."
And the people scattered.
"Good job," gruff uniform boxed the young one. "Now you've caused a riot."

bleurgh. this post is to be deleted...
dysfunctional thought fragments that cannot be put together.

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