26 September, 2011


Balance is regulated by 3 different body systems. The vestibular system (ear), the visual system (eyes) and proprioception - also known as joint position sense, the ability for the body to feel what angle or where a joint is in space. Different people tend to rely on certain systems more, although most people generally rely on their sight for stability.

Theo had good balance. He could walk the edge of the curb with his eyes shut and he would probably have been good on the tightrope, if his fear of heights permitted him to try. The fear of heights was the fault of his brother and the highest balcony of their old 3 storey house. They no longer lived in that house, but that is another story.

What Theo was good at was knowing exactly what position his body was at what angle and how much effort was needed to move a certain distance or achieve a certain amount of force. This was beyond proprioception and bordered on 'extraordinary body awareness'. It was because of this highly sensitive body awareness that Theo had good balance. How he got it, he never told me, but he did tell me what he did with it and this is his story:

This is where I run out of steam and need more ideas...

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