23 September, 2011

daydream time

Warm billowing air like fluffy marshmallow clouds drive to pillow sleepy heads during daydream time. Whether working at a desk or hammering on a roof, there comes that period of the day where time slows into deep motion and sounds fade until only the twitter of satisfied birds embed themselves in the brain. The air is silky smooth, the mind drifts on unchartered currents and working muscles still.

Another world. Another reality. Another lifetime. The slow-mo of what-ifs. Darkness beckons and weariness pulls downwards, making the heads nod in agreement to its monotnous song.

A phone rings.
Somebody comes in
and suddenly the feeling of almost driving into a brick wall at 100kph
shocks adrenaline into the system.
The rush and bustle of the end of the day
grows into a noisy race against time.
Things to do.
People to serve.
Phones keep ringing.
Papers to file.
Sections to put up.
Messages to reply.
Phones keep ringing.
People interrupt thought trains with questions.
Notes to write.
Notes to tick off.

People come in and out.
Phones keep ringing.

The quiet moment forgotten.

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