17 December, 2010

Pumpkin and spinach gnocci

So the pasta looked good in the glass. I deined to part with some of my hard earned cash to try a medium sized container. $6.50 . Was it worth it? Did the university cafe live up to its low standards?

I tried the creamy light yellow-orange sauce first... it was reasonable. I could have done with a little more cheese, but on first taste, it was the standard pasta taste one would expect from most standard cafes.

Then I tried one of the orange coloured gnocci. It stuck to the roof of my mouth. Perhaps chance had given me a not so good piece. I tried one of the green ones. It stuck to the roof of my mouth. So did the white ones. No. It couldn't be. Gnocci is meant to be mushy? Is gnocci really supposed to stick to the roof of your mouth? Are the different colours all meant to taste exactly the same?

(Here dear reader, I must pause and let you know that this is only the second time I have ever eaten gnocci in my life. The first time was only an old left over piece from my sister's lunch two months ago and it was not mushy.)

So. What makes a good gnocci? I have absolutely no idea.

In this interstingly sad pasta where I craved more cheese to break up the monotony of the sauce, I then found an orange finger. A piece of pumpkin! It was like finding treasure in a game I was quickly tiring of. I dove to find another piece and was rewarded with a piece a little smaller than the tip of my finger.

There was no more.

I could have cried.

In the end, I left 5 pieces of gnocci. My tongue was sore from the constant cleaning it had to perform on the roof of my mouth. Two orange, two green and one white.

Granted, there were rare finds of pumpkin. Granted the gnocci came in three different colours. But where was the wholesome taste of the pumpkin or the furriness of the spinach in the sauce? Note to self. Next time I want to try pasta, try an actual Italian pasta restaurant type eatery. Not a low-grade university cafe. Even if it looks good through the glass. Even if it smells nice and the sauce was reasonable. The attempt will give your mouth a work out and more likely than not exhaust you.

The pieces of pumpkin and my little cup of hot chocolate were the only things that saved my meal. So. What makes a good gnocci? Somebody tell this ignoramus, please. And please don't tell me it is meant to stick to the roof of my mouth.

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