27 August, 2010

no time

waking in the early morning
before the birds are even calling
and the suns not made a peep
and ice crusted grass surround the sheep
i rush through the house like a mini whirlwind
making lunch and cleaning for erwin
then in the gelid morning freeze
i jump into the car and breeze
down the freeway as fast as can be
hoping policemen and speeding cameras will not see
from the carpark to the office
running all the way
my breath ices all i try to say
during the day the endless chores
from this floor to that floor
up and down
chasing lores
customer service in the morning
phones ring off the hook
and in between the transcript records
im trying to fill in the other book
no time for lunch
cant stop for brunch
empty stomach growling
but there are still people to meet
and emails to greet
just so the service will run like a well oiled machine
and because latine is sick
and becka resigned so quick
and the other 3 vacancies havent been filled
im pulling all the oars ever so fast
and truly i wonder will it all last
or will jill come tumbling after
so as i leave work past eight
because all the end of day papers were late
i zoom home in the dark with a hurry
since erwin will worry and still want to have curry
never mind what he wants to eat
dinner is slapped between bread
not wanting him to start crying
i let him watch tv while i go to bed
without anymore being said
sorry for the lack of grammar
sorry for erwins broken scanner
but i really gotta go cos now its time to wake again
and the story flows
without a rose
everyday without a break
the company doesnt notice
and if i try to take
long service
leave im denied
without a poultice

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