16 September, 2010


This has been sitting around as a draft for a while, so I thought I'd better finish it.

aggravate, aggravate!
listen to the swish as the rumble draws nearer.
if you look down, you will see the leafy tops of trees
looking up, find roots waving in the air.

aggravate, aggravate!
hear your neighbours leg a-shaking to a rhythm only he can hear.
the floor trembles like an earthquake
the chairs jump and skitter like 'fraidy cats
and the tables frisk like newborn lambs.

aggravate, aggravate!
listen to the hairs marching in time with the retreating trumpet.
exposed scalp shines like the lightbulb in the night
and people shake their heads sadly.

aggravate, aggravate!
listen to the wordstream rushing like the river rapids.
hard to stop
hard to pinpoint
hard to slow down
hard to replicate.

aggravate, aggravate!
listen to the scream of the inner man.
he stands at the windows, staring at the world.
he disagrees and yet agrees
and cannot fathom depth.

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