04 August, 2010


Upon the bench must sit like so
the ornaments and Face of Bo
if they're crooked then you'll know
when the wind blows and down they go

Have you seen my study room
where even I am wary with the broom
for to knock one think out of loom
will bring upon us scary doom

The colours of this pattern here
each must leave white borders at the rear
for if it is not so, I fear
that there will be a frightful tear

Please be seated on that chair
careful, mind the cushioned camel hair
you can use that green one with the bear
but please don't touch the purple hare

Oh, already you must go so soon?
Is it because you've no teaspoon?
watch your step, don't hurt the 'coon
he's good friends with the loon

There's no hurry, we've all day
we can sit or go walk and say
all the things aside we lay
because we think it doesn't pay

If you must go, you must go
yes, of your niece you have told me so
nevermind, I'll come next show
and bring her Bo-Peep's giant bow

I'm sorry you don't have the time
and I'm sorry too about your dime
here, don't forget the extra lime
and sorry too for all the rhyme!

Heheheh. There. Good riddance.
Actually, I'm not at all sorry about the rhyme. Just glad they've gone and left me alone... and they thought they were picky. Heheheh

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