21 October, 2014


A bit of fun on my part and no, it's not a real story.

Sky opens.
Fall up.
Slam down into ice.
Walking on the sky.
The view, the gravity and the ill and not-so-ill effects.
Sky buildings.
Sky cave.
Rainbow lights and rainbow streaks.
Transparent materials and... sky people?
First meeting.
Second meeting.
The killing.
Third meeting.
Lunch in a cafe and serious hunger pains.
Ice wind tea with sea foam cake!
Hunger remains, thirst begins.
Attempts to return to earth.
Sun burn.
Practicalities and impracticalities.
Logic that met gravity.
Wind breeze home.
Softly like a feather, drifting like a leaf.
Touch down.
Down is up and up is down.

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