11 September, 2014


You scream and shout,
But nobody hears.
You wail and cry,
For all the fears.
No one notices
or raises their heads.
Each one continues
and keeps to their beds.
It's because you cannot show
Even a weakness.
You keep up the face
To keep no known weakness.
You must appear strong
And show all is well;
You must do no wrong
So gossip can't tell.

The enemy waits on the wayside,
Hiding there watching.
Waiting to catch you,
When you're most hurting.
They don't just attack,
But come at you sideways.
They don't face your front,
But strips bits off you always.
They whittle you down
Until you can't  rise
And then leap in a mound
To take your head prize.
When you're not looking,
When you can't see,
They'll take the chance raking
And you can't break free.
Show them your weakness,
They'll show you your heart,
Bloodied and beaten,
Poured all over the part.

Save, O Lord,
The waters have come up to my neck.
It deepens and eddies
And threatens to pull me under.
I need a boat
To stay afloat.
I need a pail
To help me bail.
Cyclones and towers
And deep currents too,
Pulling me under,
What should I do?

The enemy's waiting
By the side
With a net.
My strength's soon abating,
Unless You save me,
No one else will.
Unless You raise me,
They'll move in for the kill.
I don't want them to take
Advantage of this.
I don't want to make it
As easy as piss.

Swirling and whirling
And building in power.
Refuse to be hurling,
Refuse will to cower.

Heart fast,
Hold tight,
Don't let go
With all your might.
Pain though,
Now fight,
Breathe so,
Light kite.
Fast pace,
Don't waste,
In haste,
Straight faced.

Hold fast,
Dear heart.
Don't hide,

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