10 June, 2010


Merrily merrily do thy homework
Srunchily, bunchily throw it out the window

I can't be bothered. Really can't. So here I am. Avoiding otorrhea, the purulent meanings thereof and associated ear infections. Too complicated. A powerpoint presentation? What for? It's not like anyone is going to want to keep it. Just chuck it out the window.

At the same time, lively curricula of the vitae ought to be completed. I do not wish to resume writing the resume. It is rackety. Neither do I wish to be bothered learning how to write cover letters, completing forms relating to key selection criteria... and preparing for mock interviews. I mean, who does?

The necessity and imperative given to be professional leaves some things to be desired. At least it's a game whose rules are relatively well-known. To those already playing the game, anyway.

Tomorrow, tomorrow, everything is due tomorrow. Be kind to me, time and turn back that I might complete all this without being late, still have time to sleep and have fully prepared for what the next day shall bring.

It irks me, a semi-perfectionist to do work and not have done it properly. all things must be completed to the best of my ability or I become a grumpy-raging bear with red eyes and black bags beneath. However, so fed up am I that I am contemplating deliberate sabotage to my career - which would not be a good idea. It is advisable to still be able to get a job after coming out of uni. So on with the work. Let's be about it people.

Gold and treasure. Under piles of useless diamond-hard dried sludge. Get digging. You might find the good stuff in a million years and billions of digging utensils later.

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