30 June, 2010


Walking, walking
Running, running
Moving, moving
Eventually we reach a Point
It is an Important Event
that we use to mark how far we have come
A Milestone

When born
A baby has reflexes
Things it does without
Then bit by bit
it learns to master its body
It raises its head
It follows movement with its eyes
It recognises its name
It brings its hands to its mouth
Then the baby starts rolling
Accidentally at first
Soon it can roll voluntarily
Soon the baby sits on its own
Not long after, stands and cruises
Crawls, bottom shuffles, bear walks
Walks independently
By the time it is three
It is learning to run
By the time it is four or five
It is learning to jump and skip

Older adult
Milestones of a human's life

And in our quiet walk
Daily with our Lord
again we put up the stones
that remember.
Water soaking
Fire drenching
Hearing, running

Thus far have we come
We look back and can see
The milestones shining
our victory
The red glowing
with the grace
that carried us over pits
traps and troubles

Until the next be laid
Set down upon the path
We walk led with the Lamp
that lights the way before our feet

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