26 May, 2010

mix it up

Night before last or rather, morning before last, I had a dream. It was a mix of Doctor Who (with Sarah-Jane Smith), Stargate and a smidgeon of Men in Black. Very odd.

It started out with Sarah-Jane investigating the newest fad, some sort of company that had cropped up and become famous overnight and were now employing people and expanding like crazy. Why? Well, they had discovered a Stargate. Guess who came through the Stargate? Aliens of course! One alien that copied the people around it and tried to pretend it was a human. Sarah-Jane found it out of course and tried to contact the Doctor, only as usual, he was off gallivanting somewhere else and she couldn't find hide nor hair of him. This was one of those aliens that feed off almost any sort of energy and it liked the look of earth. Wanted to eat it all up.

The alien was one of those scary ones with lots of tentacles and like Men in Black, it filled the secret company base with it's tentacles, smothering people and feeding off what energy it could. It figured out who Sarah-Jane was (of course) and had almost finished smothering her to death with its masses of tentacles when the Doctor (a curious mix of David Tennant's 10th and Matt Smith's 11th with a dash of some of the older Doctors in between) turns up with his sonic screwdriver and saves the day and world - as per his usual bumbling, dashing style. Oh, and he breaks the Stargate for good measure with his handy screwdriver.

Several decades later, a stargate team (mixture of SG-1, Atlantis and Universe people) happen across the now abandoned base, coming from another stargate not too far away. They investigate and invariably get themselves stuck in a timeloop - starting with when they first arrive through the 'gate until they begin to die of a mysterious plague when the abandoned base invariably goes into lock down. That is after they fix the 'gate and something comes through the gate that they didn't see. Plus, they retain memory of what happened in every previous loop. Trial and error.

And what comes through the gate? An alien, followed by some sort of disease/parasite type thing. Kind of like how the incas and mexican began dying of small pox when the spanish invaded. The team's doctor works like crazy to try and figure out a way to cure them and make them immune to the bug - all the while, one member of the team isn't really a member of the team, he's the alien who has done something to their memories to make them think he's one of them. He then proceeds to get the doctor pregnant - without her realising it, until it grows unnaturally fast. Stuff happens.

The team genius is busy working out a way to get themselves out of the base and stop the time loop. Something to do with both stargate being activated and needing to blow this one up. The alien, starts to grow attached to these people as he comes to know them and finally comes clean - tells them the truth and that the illness is his fault. It won't bother them when if he returns to his home planet. The other problem is the doctor being pregnant.

Choice number 1. Never mind the pregnancy and baby. Abort it and go ahead with the plan where in the next loop, the alien leaves throught the Stargate immediately and the team escapes through the gate, blowing it up behind them.

Choice number 2. Let the time loop continue until the baby is born and then the alien and baby can scram, while the team go home, blowing up the gate behind them. Despite the danger of the mysterious illness killing the baby before they can leave. The alien assures them the baby will most likely be dead before he can bring it home to his planet.

Choice number 3. The alien takes the team's doctor with him through the Stargate to his home world until the baby is born, before contacting them via Stargate Command. The team in the meantime, will also escape through the 'gate, blowing it up behind them.

The team leader gives the doctor the choice. Her baby, her decision. She chooses number 3 and leave through the gate with the alien. She trusts him and will get intouch with Stargate Command somehow. The team tell her to stay safe and warns the alien that if any harm comes to her, they will hunt him down and kill him - which he says is fine with him. It's only fair. The team leave and blow the gate up behind them, effectively killing the time loop and returning to normal.

It's like a whole episode or two in itself. I don't think people would be interested in the setting, as I can tell you it's a conglomeration and collage of places from Firefly, Stargate (worlds and basements) and Dr Who.

But that dream doesn't measure up to this morning's dream... which was scary and not in an 'Aaaaaah! Gulp' way. No aliens. Just a plethora of children - actually a country run by children and over run by children and whose sole inhabitants are children aged 2 and up. The oldest people are in their 40s, but are controlled by the children because of all the gangs formed by the children. It's worst than Lord of the Flies. And this is interspersed with one of my deepest darkest fears come to life in dream form. Bad dream! Down boy!

Nothing to do with aliens at all... and nobody can help you. Oh, they're there (your family and friends and anyone who cares about you, that is) and around you, but they can't help you. They try, but they fail. You try to comfort them, but you fail. It's the world gone crazy and you knowing it's a dream, but in between the parts you know are a dream are parts that are so real to life... and you are stuck in a dilemna that may never be solved, resulting in you just... ...

Vanity of vanity
Everything is vanity
There is nothing under the sun that is but vanity.
What then is our purpose in life?
How then can we go on living?
If all is vanity, then what is the point?
To do your best
Enjoy your work and it fruits, while they still last
Give your utmost for God's glory
And trust Him for the rest.

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