10 May, 2010


All is dust and returns to dust.
All is nought and becomes nought.

You would never notice it.
It is so small.
Just a speck,
not even visible.
It flies and billows
upon moving air
and sticks
to anything it can.
If it lands upon you,
you'd never notice,
not until
your skin itches.
It burrows in,
you wouldn't know;
becomes a cancer
that will not leave;
changing your body,
cell by cell.
It's not a virus,
Not bacteria,
Not even a prion.
It is dust.
A living speck
with evil intent.
It's aim,
to turn you into
something you fear.
Your mind becomes
trapped within your body,
try though you might,
the dust prevails
and batters at the doors.
An alien being that
wants you to be
a monster
that turns you against
your family,
turns you against
all you hold dear
and makes you perform
your worst fears.
It seeks its victims randomly,
but once it grabs hold,
never lets go.

Once it's control is complete,
That's it.
You explode
into dust.
Dust that billows
on the breeze,
following the air gradients.
Dust that seeks the next victim
And turns them into the next host.

All it needs is one speck,
just one,
to complete it's purpose.
It's aim,
to turn all creation
into dust.
Fine dust.
Dust you would never notice.
Dust you wouldn't even know
has alighted upon you.

All is dust and returns to dust.
All is nought and becomes nought.

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