08 March, 2010

twinkle 1

So the stars they dimmed and sparked when the items were applied. The gas pressure rose, bordering on red. Tobe poked and prodded at the nearest gauge, hopping from one foot to the other. Today was not a good day to be blown up. Not when he was about to receive the biggest paycheck he could imagine. If. If he could only get it to work right.

The shadows crept across the floor and it was only when the automatic lights flickered on did he realise exactly how late it was. So. He wouldn't be getting his paycheck today. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe tomorrow, but he said that every night. Tobe kicked at the foot of the stubborn contraption and checked his watch. Lina would be expecting him now. Like usual, he was late for dinner.

Slipping on his coat, Tobe stomped his way out of the shed, muttering equations to himself. The main problem had been the small safety margin left when the stokes were inserted.

Fleur watched him recede beneath the trees and then peeked inside the creaky door. The glow of the street lamp reflected off something. It twinkled.

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