12 February, 2010

morning randoms

On a morning wintry weary
In the middle of the heat,
When sun is overcast
And the body just feels beat;
Soggy air and soggy clouds,
I'm swimming as I walk
Through humid steaming moistness
On a day where thunders talk.
The return of winter cool and drool
In an unexpected place
In summer's midst and dryness
For change in 30s pace.

Last night in lounge softly
A T.V series did so show
That if you closed your eyes and listened
The music would kindly tow
The story so you didn't need
To watch the episode through
And before the end you could guess
The final catch phrase too.

Chinese New Year has drawn nigh,
Tomorrow is the eve
And then I'll get to wear new clothes
And let excitement ease.
My umbao in my pocket,
The blessed elders' gifts
To help advance my future
And prosper financial rifts.
The fish come swimming by,
Calling out to all that pass
'Ensure your blessing is so much
That our leftovers aren't the last.'

Eyes a-weary, drooping
Though day has barely begun
Raindrops dripping from the trees
This day will not be sung.
From lecture to lecture
And tute to tute
Sagging, quote conjecture,
Let you practice be ever full
Using evidence-based gesture.

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