25 November, 2009


Trudging mud will not make a spacious place cleaner. I'm hungry, but the hens are pecking at the keyboard and asking for nuts. Nuts? Hens don't eat nuts. They don't even like dried corn unless it's been hammered into sizeable pieces. My purse is empty, yet full of receipts. How that happened? Ask the night owl who took it on a shopping spree. I don't like the idea of going to Japan, that's why I'm not going. Too noisy, too crowded, too many people... and I can't speak Nihongo. Still, the orange sandwich hasn't been finished - wait! I haven't finished my lunch! Have to do that before I eat dinner in 5 minutes time. Still gotta pick up the eggs before dark, but I don't like going into the chookhouse. Dusty. Lots of poop. smelly and my clothes will get dragged, inadvertently of course, upon the yuck. Yuck. I'm hungry. Going to eat dinner. Hope the cat and flies haven't got it yet.

Trudge and plod
There the motorcycle screeches
Drift around the corner car
Grin at scudded tyre
Clouds are high
Fog is by
Walking, walking
on a tram
surf the rattle-shake
Trudge and plod
I don't like ponds
Mosquitoes whine in the air.

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