20 November, 2009


Round and round
The whirlygig blows
To the sound of
The lollypop shows
Where a traveller
Dressed so bright
In chequered greens
And orange seams,
Plays a tune with might.

Angry though a bear may stomp
Frightened though a mouse may skitter
Frustrated though a cat may pomp
At the screeching titter.
All through day he prances there
All through night he plays the lair.
Trickle down
The leafy boughs
Rain drops gown
Bare toes.

Whistle kite
No thistle straw
Trancing fingers
On shining draw.
Mingle tinkle
On the dringle
Where will the garden grow?
He cares not for
places small
Nor for mis-matched

Here a skip
There a stop
Stip a coin
Upon the knop
Tonight we'll dine in.
Lay upon the moonshine's pillow
Tomorrow the sun's warm billow.

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